Wednesday, April 26, 2017
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Therapeutic Massage & Body Treatments

Eve Taylor® Body Treatments   

Enjoy a revitalizing full body exfoliation ritual that leaves skin hydrated, soft, and radiant!
  • Exfoliating Body Mousse with sea salt, poppy seed, and black pine stimulates circulation, encourages cell regeneration, detoxifies, and tones
  • Eve Taylor clinical aromatherapy oils relax the mind and detoxify the body
  • Eve Taylor Moisturizing Body Butter with sea buckthorn, shea, coconut, and olive butters deeply nourishes and restores elasticity to the skin
RELAX AND UNWIND - 60 minutes $110
Stress and tension melt away...
Lavender, lemongrass, orange, cinnamon, thyme, ylang ylang, marjoram

DETOX BODY GLOW - 60 minutes $110

Detoxifies and facilitates the elimination of excess fluids in the body
Sage, rosemary, black pepper, lavender, juniper berry, and marjoram

Series of 6 once-weekly treatments - 60 minutes each $575


Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage - 60 minutes $95 - 90 minutes $130

Hot Stone Massage - 60 minutes $115


Dermalogica® Back Treatments

These are like Facial Treatments … for your back! Being a difficult area to see or reach, the skin on our back is often quite neglected, and prone to dehydration, acne, and sun damage.

Dermalogica® Back Treatments are a wonderful way to improve the health, texture, and appearance of your skin.

Dermalogica® Back Treatment  - 50 minutes - $85

Relax and refresh with a customized back treatment.  Extra dry skin benefits from an ultra soothing, hydrating, and deeply moisturizing treatment.  For those prone to acne, a purifying treatment with extractions will help banish breakouts.

These back treatments include dry brushing, cleansing and exfoliation under steam, extractions, an aromatherapy back and shoulder massage, treatment masque, and an aromatherapy foot massage.




Meet Your Therapist!

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When I walked into Mirabella for the first time I realized I was in a special place.  I have had so many facials before that felt nice but the results were only temporary.  Mary-Brooke is in a league all her own.  She was able to correct my problem skin with a series of treatments and she taught me what to do at home to keep my skin looking great.  I don't get facials as often as I would like, but because of Dermalogica, I look like I do!