Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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Complimentary Face Mapping Analysis

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What is face mapping?

Face Mapping is a revolutionary approach to skin analysis developed by The International Dermal Institute exclusively for Dermalogica. Using the zones and the Dermalogica Face Map as a guide, the skin therapist is able to conduct an inch-by-inch, methodical analysis of the facial landscape, guaranteeing that the subsequent professional treatment and home-care prescription will fully address each client's concerns.

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Zones 1 & 3 - The Forehead

Congestion may develop here if you are not cleansing your forehead thoroughly, especially if you are using heavy foundation, or eyebrow makeup.

Zone 2 - Between the Eyebrows

Excess oil production between the eyebrows may be causing breakouts, but congestion here may also be due to poor hygiene when removing eyebrow hair. 

Zones 4 & 10 - The Ears

Comedones (blackheads) can form inside the ear because product and shampoo collects in the ear well.  Using a telephone headset or cellphone may contribute to comedones behind the ear.  If you have nickel allergies and wear earings containing nickel, you may have resulting redness or irritation. 

Zones 5 & 9 - The Cheeks

Broken capillaries or redness on the cheeks may come from smoking, or be the result of allergies, sinus problems, or a recent chest infection (i.e., a cough or bronchitis).  If milia or congestion is present, it is probably caused by a cosmetic blush or foundation that is clogging your skin.  Flushing of the cheeks and nose may indicate Rosacea.

Zones 6 & 8 - The Eyes

Dark circles or congestion under the surface of the eye orbit are often hereditary, but are worsened by poor elimination and lack of sleep.  The eye area is delicate and needs greater protection from the elements.  Large sunglasses (especially the wrap-around variety) will protect this delicate tissue by reducing sun damage and aging.  Milia around the eyes are often caused by makeup that contains comedogenic ingredients, such as synthetic colors and eye shadows that glitter or have a high shine. 

Zone 7 - The Nose

Zone 7 tends to have the most congestion due to increased oil production.  A reddened nose can indicate the early stages of Rosacea.  Broken capillaries around the nose may follow a cold or sinus infection, or be caused by improper extraction technique.  Congestion around the upper lip can occur if you use comedogenic lipsticks or liners.  Pigmentation or increased hair growth on the top lip may be caused by hormonal changes or oral contraceptives.

Zones 11 & 13 - The Jawline and Chin

Undersurface congestion can be due to insufficient cleansing, leaving makeup and cleanser residue.  If you've had extensive dental surgery, or if you have a TMJ dysfunction you might notice a breakout along the jaw line, near the ears.

Zone 12 - The Chin

Breakouts or unusual hair growth can indicate hormonal imbalance, possibly caused by extreme stress. Premenstrual breakouts are also very common on the chin.

Zone 14 - The Neck and Chest

This area is commonly exposed to the sun and should always be protected because it is the first zone to really show signs of aging.  In fact, it deserves all the wonderful care you give your face. Pigmentation may occur here when UV light reacts with perfume.  If so, apply fragrance to areas that are not exposed to sunlight. 

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